Friday, August 9, 2013

So I was thinking...

Instead of this being a blog dedicated solely to my IMAGINARY closet and outfits, maybe I'll start style blogging for real every few days or so.
I'm not going to commit to a daily deal because, well, I'm in school and no one wants to see 400 pictures of a plaid skirt.....even ralph lauren would get tired of plaid!

I do wanna say, though, that if I do, I won't be wearing the highest of fashions or the most OF THE MOMENT trendy looks, because, face it: trends aren't always cute on everybody AND I don't have an unlimited card...1+1=this is going to be a p3rSOn@l style blog. Gotta keep things interesting and mix it up a bit sometimes, ya know? A lil vintage, a lil high-low mix... This is gonna be made of outfits I wear or put together and will probably have to photograph myself in!  Hopefully I can inspire a couple people out there....and if I don't, c'est la vie!